One point for the Mexicans Zero for the Rule of Law

It seems that the Mexicans are going to get away of the increased controls of the USA new Visit program that has raised so many concerns from the advocates of privacy and from Latino leaders in the US that complain about the fact that Latin travelers are asked to be fingerprinted and taken a photo at the port of entrance, while Europeans don't get any sort of treatment like this.

My problem with this new security measures is the fact that why some countries yes and why some not. The US inmigration program even it affects the privacy of the travelers has the right to screen foreigners and see if they are international criminals or terrorists that try to sneak into the country. Aside from the fact that this is a clear violation of your privacy I don't see what else in the short term the US can do to protect itself from that threat.

No where I see troubles is the fact that this new fingerprinting does not apply equally to all people coming into the US, why the Europeans (and soon the Mexicans) are free from that requirement? Have the state department not seen that there are a lot of would be terrorists that are breeding their seed of hatred in Europe? Many of them are European nationals and they are free to come to the US. On the other hand the vast majority of Latins are people coming into the US to seek better opportunities and enjoy the rule of Law that characterizes this country, why they are treated so badly being required to do all this security. Most of them don't even have the same feelings of hatred to the US as many people from the left have in Europe.

I think that the fingerprinting and screaning of foreign visitors is inevitable in this new world. The only thing that we ought to ask then is for an equal treatment, and rules for everybody, not for a special group of people.

In the long run, frontiers have to be open, and the US has to be out of the nation building business. As we have seen recently this is only bringing hatred to the US and millions of taxpayers dollars pour in nation rebuilding abroad.

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