Interesting article from the scientific point of view.  This, to say the least explains how people's brains react based on their sense of things, but does not at least in the short term helps you predict people's reactions to certain products or issues.  It only tells you that different people have different reactions to the same stimulus.  On the other hand somebody would figure out a sort mind reader using this tecnology to present you ads, based on what things make you feel confortable.

Asimov saw it coming: Picking a voter's brain

All the brain scans in the world won't crack the mystery of what makes people vote.

Gas Prices for Washingtonians

This is an interesting website for those who live in the Washington Area


Blogging is serious

Interesting article it relates to what is going on at the Blogshpere with the Kos' affair and how serious Blogging is becoming.
Keep Your Day Job

New at Reason: Could the growth of weblogging into a quasi-professional industry be taking the fun out of blogs? Assuming for the sake of argument that there was ever anything "fun" about blogging, Julian Sanchez casts a cold eye on the Kos affair.

What I found interesting about the article besides the power of blogging is the fact that Blogging is becoming a more trusted source of news than the conventional News.  For this matter and how Blogs are making the headlines check wired Magazine Article:http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,56978,00.html


Mario Vargas Llosa on 11-3

Mario Vargas Llosa writes and interesting article published by the Guardian in London, about the March 11 tragedy in Madrid.


Hernando De Soto is Awarded the Milton Friedman Award

Hernando de Soto has been awarded by the Cato Institute the Milton Friedman Award that grants a prize of $500.000 US Dollars to the to an individual who has made a significant contribution to advance human freedom. Awarded every other year the prize and named to perhaps the most influential economist to advance freedom on the 20th century, Milton Friedman.

The 2002 winner was Lord Peter Bauer because of his contributions to development economics. The bitter sweet prize was a little bit too late, because Lord Bauer passed away shortly after been told about the award. John Blundel former President of Atlas economic Research Foundation and current President of the Institute of Economic Affairs received the prize on behalf of Lord Bauer.

Peter Bauer largely ignored by main stream economists was the hardest critic of foreign aid to developing nations because the horrible consecuences on the local markets and the disastrous effects that led to more dependance and to less development.

Hernando de Soto's first work the Other Path was a breakthrough of the 80's by opening the doors to study the reasons of the informal economy and how they are not the result of market economies, but of the excessive regulation. His second seminal work was on the Mistery of capital in which he argues how important are property rights to promote development of people.

Cheers to Hernando de Soto and his work. Cheers to my friend Enrique Ghersi who in the early 80's was one of the main contributors to De Soto's work as co-author of the Other Path.