What is going on in my country

I have not updated this blog in a long time, but for those who are wondering what is going on in my home country this days I recommend 3 interesting links that might allow you to follow the current crisis in real time (spanish):




I have also made my comments (spanish) on the crisis in the other blog that I help manage Cambiemos Ecuador. To make a long story short there is no fix to the president's problems, he should quit and let the vicepresident take the post.

And on a less serious note, thanks to Eduardo from Li-1 the new political campaign of the current president (Via Foxcorp)

Estamos listos para el cambio?

Finalmente parece que le ha llegado la hora al Ingeniero Coronel. Despues de tanto decir y desdecir finalmente el pueblo se cansó y está marchando a botarlo del puesto.