Las aventuras de Alby con la Aduana

Hace un mes y un poco mas publiqué un comentario sobre la eliminación de las aduanas en Ecuador y como nuestro país se beneficiaría de la eliminación de las mismas. Así mismo en el post hable de la facilidad con que la eliminación de los aranceles se podría hacer con la firma y voluntad del Presidente. Hoy quiero acotar un comentario que nos dejó al final de dicho post Alby Aguilar, sobre los encuentros y desencuentros con el sistema aduanero ecuatoriano y el americano. El sistema aduanero americano es tal vez mas eficiente que el ecuatoriano, pero no por eso con mas razon de ser que el ecuatoriano. Las aduanas en cualquier parte del mundo no tienen razón de existir.

Comenta Alby:

"Este jueves mi esposo y mis hijas regresan a GYE luego de tres años de
permanecer fuera del pais. Yo estare unas cuantas semana mas en EEUU ....



In an effort to attract more readers and entice bloggers, WSJ is free this week.  Be sure not to miss this opportunity.



I haven't said anything about the current elections results.  To my friends on the loosing side, my deepest sorrows, I have heard that Canada is a nice country (altough a little bit cold) and as an inmigrant myself I can say, that inmigration is the only solution when one's view of a doomed future is something very real in your mind.  To my friends on the winning side, after all the winning hangover think about the bad things that have to be solved, unemployment, big deficits, unfulfilled social security privatization promises, Irak, etc.  Be sure to ask for less government and not for more.  This term offers the historic advantage of having full control of the congress (both houses) the presidency and soon the Supreme Court.  There are no excuses for not accomplishing the offered promises this time around. 

As for myself?  I was not too cheerful for any side as you might remember, but in any case I will stay here DHS willing.  I have seen worst things happen in my home country and regardless of the results I believe that this country has a lot to offer still.

Life after the elections

Ever since the elections finished on wednesday (after the defeat and winning speaches)  I noticed on my bloglines blogroll that the updates on some of the blogs that I read went down like a snowball.  It might be that everybody is tired after the election blogging, but the WSJ offers a reason why this might be happening in an article titled "Bloggers face life after the election".


1984 in Venezuela

It seems that the Orwellian State state in Venezuela is taking a strong hold of all elected positions. This last weekend were the regional elections. The opposition somehow disilussioned with the previous recall referendum results opted to keep fighting the results rather than focussing on the coming regional elections. They even encouraged people to abstein from voting as a protest. As expected the absentism was high and the results were rigged. The Chavez's party, the MVR won 22 of the 20 gubernatorial elections. The opposition not even won the states in which they were popular. Big Brother has arrived to Venezuela and it seems that is going to stay in charge for a long time indeed. Check the Blog of the Devil's Excrement for news on the current election.