Idiocy strikes again

This morning that I heard the news from a friend that was asking me about the terrible terrorist attack in Madrid I felt again what happened 3 years ago on september 11.

At first I couldn't believe that I did not see anything on the morning news while I was getting ready to leave to the office. It was later when talking to some friends that they told me that the news were on the TV but most networks only mentioned it and then continued talking about the campaign. I was surprised by the sheer parochialism of the TV media in the US (at least during the morning) of not giving enough importance to it while in other parts of the world it was front news and some channels as some friends told me were just pluggin in the spanish channels directly into the local network.

This sort of attacks rather than advancing political objectives of the terrorist organizations as one might think only pollarizes the public opinion into more security and total rejection of those tactics. What has september 11 brought to Al QAEDA besides offering terror for a while to a nation? 2 nations that were dominated by rogue rulers have been rebuilt or are in the process of being rebuilt. The terrorist and rogue rulers have been hunt down like rats, and their objectives so far are less and less far from being accomplished.

Maybe I am naive but I don't see how this terrorist attacks are bringing forward the terrorist objectives. Sooner or later this terrorist attacks are going to wake up the muslim world into total rejection of this tactics, and their objectives will be totally wiped out of the minds of simpatizers of this idiotic war against the western world and it's values.

You can check more interesting discussions on what is happening in Spain at Daniel Drezner's website.

Also the Main Spanish newspaper El PAIS is accesible at least today without subscription

P.S. While searching for news after posting this I found this list of victims. This is for those who have friends in Spain, but also reminded me of a conference by José Calleja, Journalist and Member of Basta YA during a workshop on Terrorism and Rule of Law in Colombia in which he emphasized that only when we remember the name of the victims, recognize them politically and stop counting them as statistics the war on terrorism will be won.

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