Civil War

If things continue as they are currently most likely civil war is going to break out in Venezuela. Unfortunately, Chavez again and again has deceived the opposition leaving two possible solutions, either he resigns or allows the referendum to recall him.

I just read a highly emotional article article about civil war and its effects in Spain and an analogy to today's Venezuela. I have to admit that I have always felt curious about the trilogy of Jose María Gironella about the Spanish Civil war, but I have always been deterred by the huge size of the books. Maybe one, but 3? Anyhow, the article in warns about the potentially dangerous trend developing in Venezuela.

Not doing so will make him face the ever increasing violence from angry Venezuelans that see no alternative to a government that keeps closing or stumbling every political alternative to a pacific solution over the continuos violations of human rights and democracy through the Chavez Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuela as the article points out had it's last civil war over a hundred years ago. It seems that Chavez does not care at all about it's effects.

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