Congratulations Dad!!

Congratulations Dad. He was recently elected a member of the Comité de Control Cívico de la Corrupción (Civic Committe for the corruption control) in Ecuador, as a representative of the universities.

The CCCC is an independant organism that has less than a decade of existance in Ecuador. Their members are appointed by several members of the civil society like Chambers of industries, Universities, unions and ratified by the congress.

Traditionally the comitte has been in the hands of people that although might had good intentions has been biased by being most of their members foes of the market system.

Hopefully his nomination will bring a little more balanced view to that institution and together with the well deserve prestige of their members have a more effective role uncovering corruption in Ecuador. Ecuador in recent years have been considered as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The CCCC has so far being considered one of the few organizations that have been pointing out corruption and have a high reputation. However most of their recommendations point out the moral problem but generally have been very unspecific about the institutional causes of corruption.

Corruption in my point of view is not only a moral problem, but also a transaction cost problem. I am not naive as some free market friends to think that only economic analysis and a simpler rules will solve the problem. Corruption is a problem that should be fought on both areas, the institutional and the moral roots of it. Corruption fight should not be a monopoly of the left, our free market friends should be more outspoken against corruption.

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