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I still have a lot to learn about American culture but I stumbled upon this blog written by Batman.  As he says in his intro as a raison d'etre:
How else can it be that the people who make the coolest music, movies,
TV shows, etc., almost always embrace the dumbest politics?! 
I couldn't agree more with.  So who is Batman, again quoting the blog:
His identity is shrouded in secrecy.  Because he toils
to tame the ills that plague our society.  And, because he resides in a

Batman hopes that Yeah Right will be home to many participants who have
cool tastes in entertainment and who haven’t been brainwashed by
Lefties.   (See
Raison d'etra

But right now, he drives this Batmobile solo.  With the radio loud.
So it looks very promising, specially for us wannabe Americans.  My only complain to Batman is that sometimes he jumps right into the topics without giving the explanation to the cultural references that he mentioned.  Maybe I am too dumb or uneducated, but I couldn't figure out this little snippet:
Ever hear the old legend about bluesman Robert Johnson? He
allegedly met the devil at the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61, just
south of Memphis, and sold his soul in exchange for incredible musical
Are you referring to Charlie Daniel's song "The devil went down to Georgia"?  Again maybe I am too dumb, or too lazy to check wikipedia or google.  In the meantime I could only add this blog to my blogroll, and hope that it does not dies in the near future.
Link: Yeah Right.

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