US Embassy in Ecuador tried to contact FARC?

Two days ago Ecrisis published a long comment about Ecuador's actions in the current FARC-Colombia-Ecuador crisis, and at the end of the post they added the 2 documents found in Reyes laptop (here 1-18-08 and here 2-28-08) released by the Colombian police to the press. 

In point # 6 of the document dated 2-28-08, not much attention has been paid to this specific point.   I found a highly interesting piece of information regarding the US embassy in Ecuador's alleged efforts to contact FARC.  Below a translation that deserves some thought and questions for American diplomacy, which sometimes seems to be more worried about the well being of rogue governments and not about US interests:

In the document Raul Reyes is reporting to the FARC hierarchy, about his talks with Gustavo Larrea, Minister of Homeland security in Ecuador:
"The gringos (the American embassy) requested an appointment with the Minister (Larrea) to tell us their interest in talking about certain topics.  They say that the new President of their country will be OBAMA, and they are (Obama or the embassy?) interested in their fellow countrymen (American's or Colombians?).  Obama will not support Plan Colombia neither the Free Trade agreement (with Ecuador?).  Here we (FARC) answered that we are interested in having relations with all the governments in equality of conditions and that in the US case it requires a public announcement stating their interest in talking with the FARC, given their eternal war against us."
Ecuadorean and Venezuela governments have been quick to deny the validity of these documents saying that it is all a forgery and a trick of Uribe's government.  Assuming that they are right they are missing one of their biggest arguments, that not all Americans are in favor of Plan Colombia and what they call the US imperialistic actions. 

But the documents are most likely true, so the question, that Americans ought to ask to their state department representatives, and the Bush administration is why a US embassy is trying to establish a relationship with a known terrorist organization.  Ecrisis in the past has suggested that the US embassy, in Ecuador has been one of the biggest allies of Correa:
"Ecuadoreans are so stupidly easy to manipulate and lazy that they fail
themselves to realize that U.S. ambassador Jewell does not represent
the U.S. government nor is she honestly representing U.S. foreign
policy. But because no one oversees her professionally vacated staff,
she gets away with this insertion of the Soros backed NGOs who run the

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