I confess my weakness

I have a confession to make, I am having a relapse in my bad eating habits and I need your help. Don't tell me that I look fine thin and that I should relax with the food. I consider food addictions as bad as substance addictions. I struggle every day and lately is getting harder and harder to keep the healthy eating, I have been indulging in sweets and stuff that I should not eat despite looking great.

You might be thinking that I am being dramatic but I am not. I have lost before weight (twice but never lost so much) and slowly I have recovered it and made it worst.

I can see the signs, compulsive eating, wanting more, making excuses finishing a box of cereal, feeling lazy for walking. I was told this day was going to come and the truth is that I have lost so much ( 55 ounds) that I don't want come back. I was diabetic and about to have a cardiac problem. Now I walk 4.5 miles diabetis is on remission and heart is strong. So please, your help is needed, don't tell me to relax I am only halfway, I need to keep off the weight and I am making this confession public to get your support.


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