The Founders on Citizenship and Immigration

Link: The Claremont Institute » For the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy.
Should Americans lose their citizenship and be expelled from the US for their lack of virtue and adherence to Republican principles? How do you measure beforehand (before they come here) virtue, with their original country forged or faked police record? Do you rely on your friends and neighbors comments (who might be lying) or even your study titles (like Mohammed Atta, Architect and medicine student).
The problem is that sounds nice what they said, but it is impossible to know how they are going to behave once they are here. So you either take a good faith leap or become paranoid and request all sort of documents and carry on investigations that in the end might prove nothing.
How do you deal with poor uneducated immigrants that don't have education and might even have police encounters in their records due to law violations for selling fruits in the market without a officially sanctioned license? Most of them come here and become hard working individuals.
I don't buy the books thesis a priori, will have to read it to understand better, but does not impresses me.

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