My wife suspected it all the time

Ever since we moved to our new home there has been a fish tank in our room that belongs to the owner of the house. Since the fish are too big and the tank is huge we have accepted those pets until a new home for them could be found. My wife complains that the fish tank is smelly, I don't have a good sense of smell, and besides the smelly food that its poured in the tank every once in a while I don't see why they should be smelly. Now imagine this morning that I was reading about the Ig Nobel Prizes, that honor the best in oddball research, run the gamut from a nudist library to a psychology experiment featuring a man in a gorilla suit to a recent finding that herrings communicate by farting. I don't know what kind of fish we have but my wife suspected it all the time the fish tank is in fact smelly. We definitively have a group of chatty fish in the tank.

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