Miss Universe 2004

If your bored tonight at 9PM EST Miss Universe 2004 is going to take place in Quito, Ecuador this year. A 6 or 9 minutes video presentation of my home country is scheduled to take place in between the different segments of the contest. Hopefully they will show not only the Galapagos Islands, the Amazonian Jungle or the 16th century catholic convents, but also other features of my country like my home town Guayaquil. Thanks to this preference in showing the nature wonders or historic features of my country makes some foreigners think that in Ecuador everybody lives in the jungle, has exotic pets on their backyards (I have to admit that on my parents house Iguanas walked on the yard), or everything is pretty much old. The event is going to be aired on NBC here is a link to their webpage:

Miss Universe NBC

For the political pundits President Bush cousin, Billy Bush is going to be the host of the program along with Cuban refugee and MTV Video J, Daisy Fuentes.

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