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Well it seems that throughout April I have been lazy to write in this BLOG. Part of the problem why I am not blogging is that most of the time I did that while I was forced to used the computer for my final work in my MBA.

After working for 2 or 3 hours I will usually be a little hiperactive, after all the coffee I drank and to get use of that extra energy I will usually continue blogging until exausted.

After I finished that work I promised myself not to use again my home computer (win98 with dial up) for blogging. Since I have been really busy at work that meant that I did not had time to Blog at all. If you add to the equation that my mother in law was on a visit to my home I did not sat down to read and Blog on April.

No more excuses on sunday a I brought one of those Wi fi Antennas. A Microsoft MN-710. So far everything perfect. I have been able to find 2 or 3 neighboors willing to share their connection. My wife was worried that somebody will complain about it, because I am in a way "stealing" access. Since I have not forced anybody to give me access, I consider the access a gift, a sign of neighborly good will and not theft. Since I don't pay the bill I try not to use the access for intensive downloading. I don't want to loose access or anger my good neighbor that allows me to share his connection. Thanks again to the good Samaritan.

I think that technologies like Wi-FI will push internet companies sooner or later to lower the price of access I think is outrageous that in order to get a hi-speed connection I have to pay 40 dollars monthly to my local cable provider. For a while I had dial up with Microsoft until one day I discovered Net zero that slashed half of the payment I did to Microsoft. Hello guys (Microsoft) knock, knock 20 dollars for dial up!!! is too expensive still (much worse than 9.99). So far my only complain with Netzero has been their propietary software for dialing that forces me to see an add and not always shut's down cleanly. Besides that, the service has been reliable. If the wi - fi proves to cover me up all day long I will be shortly cutting off Netzero.

Well I feel relieved for Bloggin again. Hopefully dear reader you will be seeing me more often in the blogsphere.

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